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Scholarships and Grants

 There are different scholarships and grants available to University students to sustain their studies. The catalogue is extensive and ranges from tuition to materials, travel expenses, accommodation, and national and international mobility.

In addition to the call for general grants and mobility grants from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, including grants for tuition, materials, travel expenses, accommodation and final degree projects, the University of Oviedo devotes a significant portion of its budget to student grants and aid/scholarships.

The University's own programme represents one of the means contributing to the implementation of the principle of equal opportunities in exercising the right to education safeguarded in the Constitution. The aims pursued by the programme are:

  •     To ensure that those students who lack the necessary financial resources and/or fulfil certain academic requirements have access to higher education.
  •     To enable students with disabilities to have equal access to a university education and to continue their studies under equal conditions.
  •     To financially aid students with financial difficulties of urgent need/urgent financial difficulties arising from personal/family circumstances which have ensued since the start of the academic year.
  •     To enable students to complete their education by convening collaboration grants in various university services and internships in companies and institutions to facilitate their incorporation into the job market after completing their studies.
  •     To foster student participation in the various university settings.

Both the national programmes and the University of Oviedo's own programmes include grants for undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees as well as the University's own degrees. In addition, some specific calls are intended to encourage sport and academic excellence.

The University of Oviedo also has a specific programme of collaboration grants for students to make their studies compatible with work in the University's pro vice-chancellorships, centres, departments, institutes and university services..


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