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The School

The School of Mining, Energy and Materials Engineering of Oviedo (EIMEM) is located in the city center. Due to this fact, and because of the proximity to several means of transport, it has excellent communications. Furthermore, a multitude of university infrastructures are placed just a few minutes away from the School.
Facilities provided by the School:


  • More than 25 teaching and research laboratories.
  • Various services such as Library, Study Room, School Cafeteria, Dining Area, etc.
  • Lecture rooms and computer laboratories.
  • Assembly hall, Boardroom, Faculty lounge and Conference Rooms.

Individualized teaching

 The School provides their students an uncrowded education, leading to a fluid relationship with the faculty.
From an academic point of view, it improves the interaction between lecturer and student and eases personalized tutorials allowing for a monitoring of learning outcomes.

Wide variety of cultural and sports activities

The Student Association of the School provides students a wide variety of cultural and sports activities. It is worth highlighting:
Football and Basketball teams: A small scale Olympic games among the most prestigious School of Mining Engineers of Europe.
Cartel Des Mines: Mines of Europe.
International weeks: organized by IFMMS (International Federation of Mining and Metallurgy Students), which offers future Mining Engineers the possibility of spending a week visiting industrial facilities in other European country or in Canada.
IAESTE (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) enables students of the last year to make external internships in many countries of the world (Japan, China, Brazil, Poland, USA, Canada, Chile, France, Greece, Australia…).
Course offerings in other National Universities
 Thanks to the agreements with other remarkable national universities and SICUE scholarships, the students of the school have the possibility of moving about to curse their studies during three, four, six or nine months in another university placed in a different Autonomous Region.
Séneca scholarships support student mobility thanks to its monthly endowments such as transport grants or maintenance costs.
 As part of the Study Plan of the Degree in Mining Technology Engineering, subjects on Technical English and Technical French are introduced, given the importance of both languages to enter the professional world in a competitive position. Likewise, the academic offering of the School introduces subjects entirely taught in this language within the Master’s Degree.

International Studies

 The School of Mines of Oviedo affords all its students the possibility of taking, at least, a semester or a complete academic year in a foreign university.
Universidades europeas que tienen convenio con la Escuela de Ingeniería de Minas, Energía y Materiales de Oviedo
To that end, it holds exchange agreements with universities of several European countries, based on mobility scholarships which cover the maintenance costs of the students. These exchange agreements are included within a stay policy recognized by foreign centers which are not determined by the economic capacity of the students.
It is widely accepted among the officers of the most important companies of our country, the advisability of students completing abroad part of their academic training, because of the opportunity that implies knowing about other customs and improving the communication in other idioms. 
External internships
 All the students of the School must carry out, as an essential part of their academic training, internships in companies of the different fields of activities of the Mining Engineer.


The adjustment of the Mining Engineer degree to the European Higher Education Area has given rise to two degrees: a Degree Engineering of Mining Technologies and a Master’s Degree in Mining Engineering.
Henceforth, in order to practice the profession of Mining Engineer it will be necessary to be in possession of a Master’s Degree in Engineering of Mining Technologies or another degree of the same branch of engineering.
The Degree in Engineering of Mining Technologies is deeply wide-ranging and, because of its multidisciplinary character, the academic training of the graduate is transversal and stimulant. It provides our students the ability to adapt quickly to any professional demand of technological and/or scientific character. 
This fact will allow the students to develop their professional activity in the majority of Mining Engineering fields. Furthermore, this degree is, without any doubt, the most multi-faceted and versatile within all the degrees of this branch of engineering.
Nowadays, it is taught in the School the Degree in Engineering of Mining Technologies, the Master’s Degree in Mining Engineering, the Master’s Degree in Energy Engineering, the Master's Degree in Materials Science and Technology, the Master's Degree in Project Management and the Master’s Degree in Mining, Civil  Works and Environment. All of these degrees belong to the European Higher Education Area.

Professional fields

 Highlighted Mining Engineer professional fields:
Mining Engineer profession is guaranteed by a Professional Association whose services, among others, include: fostering Mining Engineer image, promoting and defending their professional responsibilities, legal advice for professional and labor issues, continuous professional training, cultural and social activities…


Exploración y prospeccion de recursos geologicos; Explosivos demoliciones y obra civil; Gestion del medio ambiente; Dirección y administración de empresas; Generación, gestión y transformación de la energía