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Degree in Engineering of Mining Technologies

The Degree in Engineering of Mining Technologies lasts 4 years. The minimum of credits requested for obtaining the qualification is 240 ECTS credits.

Créditos totales: 240 ECTS

Distribución de créditos:

  • Basic training:: 60
  • Compulsory:: 156
  • Optional:: 6
  • Compulsory external internships:: 6
  • Undergraduate Thesis:: 12

Perfil de ingreso:

The student of the Degree in Engineering of Mining Technologies, as a general rule, has taken Baccalaureate in Sciences and Technology and shows interest in coursing Engineering studies related with Prospecting and Mineral Resources Extraction, Underground Works and Earthmoving, Materials Technology and Generation and theUse of Energy developed within a setting of sustainability and respect for the environment.

Salidas profesionales:

The graduated in Engineering of Mining Technologies could perform its professional activity in the following industrial sectors: exploration and prospection of geological resources: fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) minerals, rocks, water, underground space, etc. Explosives technology, demolitions, civil work, raw materials extraction, treatment and recycling plants, etc. Metallurgy and traditional materials (steels, metals, building materials, etc.) and advanced. Energy generation, transformation and management for its different uses. Resources management and environment protection.