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Committee of the Evaluation by Compensation


The Pass by Compensation Committee is made up of:
  • President
  • Secretary
  • Four teachers from different Departments
  • One member of the Administration and Services Staff
  • A student
The Commission will be constituted by the President. For a valid constitution of the Committee, the presence of the President and Secretary is required or, where appropriate, their substitutes, and at least half of its members. If there is no quorum, it will be held a meeting on second call half an hour later, provided the President, the Secretary and two members are present. Otherwise, a new meeting within 48 hours will be convened.
The Committee shall verify the compliance of the requirements and objective criteria laid down in the Regulation. Once its compliance is verified, compensation is granted. Otherwise it will not be admitted or denied as appropriate.
The Committee shall meet regularly three times, after the completion of the examination period of the official announcements of each academic year. In these meetings it shall be decided on the applications submitted by the deadline established for each call.
The Secretary shall record minutes of each meeting, in accordance to the Article 108.4 of the Statutes of the University of Oviedo, in which it shall record the resolutions adopted, which will be signed by all attending members and forwarded to the Secretariat of the School for its control and archiving.

Members of the Pass by Compensation Committee


  • Blanco Álvarez, Francisco
  • Álvarez García, Rodrigo

Council members:

  • Folgueras Díaz, María Belén
  • Loredo Pérez, Jorge
  • Bobillo Ares, Nilo
  • Verdeja González, Luís Felipe

Personal de Administración y Servicios:

  • Álvarez Queipo, Alicia
  • Students:
  • Puente Bascarán, Diego


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