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International Committee of the School


Each School in the University of Oviedo has set up an International Committee, made up by the Dean or Director (who will head it), the coordinator of the International Coordinator of the School, responsible for the International Administrative Unit of the School (who will act as secretary), a student enrolled in undergraduate studies or in a Master's degree taught at the School, a Professor Responsible for the Bilateral Agreement for each official qualification of the School, and a representative of the Tutors of the International Internships.
To that end, it has been taken into account the following premises:
  • Professors shall be elected by and among Professors Responsible for the Bilateral Agreement of each Degree of the School.
  • The student belonging to the Committee shall be a member of the School Board and shall be elected by and among students of the School Board.
  • The length of the mandate of the members of the Committee shall be four academic years, except for the student which shall be two, being re-elected only once.
  • If any Responsible Teacher deregisters due to unexpected causes, the Committee will allocate new Responsible Teachers of the vacant Bilateral Agreements.

Functions of the International Committee of the School

Among the tasks of this Committee, it should be highlighted the establishment of the minimum values of the academic record, language description or other qualification criteria required by partner universities within the framework of international mobility calls managed by the VI CD.
Likewise, the Committee participates in the selection process, in full or in subcommittees, and in the approval of the Minutes of Description, as well as it informs about any claim that may arise in this regard.

Composition of the International Commission on Centre

Members of the International Committee of the Centre are:



  • Blanco Álvarez, Francisco
  • Álvarez García, Rodrigo
  • Pérez Fernández, Octavio
  • Professors:
  • Gent, Malcolm Richard
  • Iglesias Rodríguez, Francisco Javier
  • Loredo Pérez, Jorge
  • Riesgo Fernández, Pedro
  • Suárez Sánchez, Ana
  • Ortega Fernández, Francisco
  • Verdeja González, Luís Felipe

Administration and Services Staff

  • Álvarez Queipo, Alicia


  • Villa Carro, Mario


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