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Access and enrollment

 Admission to Undergraduate Degrees

In order to be admitted to official university courses after completing Secondary school education ("Bachillerato"), it is essential to have passed the General Phase of the University Access Exam ("PAU"). On the other hand, students holding diplomas as Higher-level Specialists in Vocational Training, Plastic Arts and Design, or Sports will be able to enter university without the need to take this exam, unless they wish to follow a course of studies with a limited number of places, in which case they may take the Specific Phase of the exam in order to increase their mark.

In addition, it is possible to access the various undergraduate degrees through a transfer from another centre or from another course. Students are also permitted on an extraordinary basis to enrol for one-off courses or subjects in order to extend their knowledge without these leading to any official diplomas.

Online enrolment for starting Degrees with unlimited offer of places and continuing Undergraduate Degrees

Where applicants have a previous university-level undergraduate qualification, ordinary degree, technical architecture or technical engineering qualification, graduate degree, architecture or engineering degree, or other diploma corresponding to the previous structure of university education or an equivalent qualification, students must go through the same process to request a place as the rest of the students enrolling for the start of their university studies. In the case of degree courses with limited access, centres reserve between 1% and 3% of places for graduates.

Admission to Postgraduate Degrees

The University of Oviedo offers a complete range of postgraduate courses: master's degrees, the university's own certificate courses, and PhD Programmes. Access to these studies requires candidates to hold a university degree and even an official master's degree in the case of PhD studies. All the courses on offer are co-ordinated by the International Postgraduate Centre.

Students wishing to study for a Master's Degree must hold an official Spanish university degree or an equivalent qualification issued by a centre of higher education belonging to another State included in the European Higher Education Area entitling them to access master-level courses in that country.

With respect to PhD programmes, the University of Oviedo has had all of its programmes adapted in line with the European Higher Education Area. In order to enrol on a PhD programme, it is necessary to hold an official master's degree or an equivalent diploma from prior to the implementation of the EHEA. PhD Programmes are primarily research-based and therefore require a specific admission process governed by the PhD Programme Academic Committee.

In the case of the university's certificate courses, the University of Oviedo offers programmes for diplomas at master, specialist and expert levels, with a clear professional focus in all areas of knowledge. In order to study for a master's diploma or take a course for specialists or experts, the pre-requisite is to hold an official university degree. Exceptionally, professionals without a university degree may be admitted if their work experience is directly related to the speciality taught in the course, providing that they can accredit their professional background with suitable documentation and meet the legal requirements for studying at this University.


Further information related with the access to the studies: http://www.uniovi.es/accesoyayudas/estudios