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Most Common Application Forms

Información de acceso y ayudas en la web institucional de la Universidad de Oviedo

  • Solicitud genérica

    Presentación por registro electrónico de solicitudes dirigidos a órganos de unidades de la Universidad, excepto los que ya tengan un trámite electrónico específico.

  • Acceso a colecciones electrónicas

    El servicio de acceso a colecciones electrónicas permite a los miembros de la comunidad universitaria que tienen una cuenta de usuario activa utilizar los recursos electrónicos (bases de datos, revistas-e y libros-e) suscritos, y por tanto de acceso restringido desde cualquier red o dispositivo.

  • Admission by study or university changes

    Applying for change of university or spanish undergraduate studies and the admission of students from abroad university studies.

  • Subjects extension

    Doing the registration for annual subjects or from the second semester, and subjects from the first semester previously coursed from the same studies.

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  • Enrolment cancellation

    Cancel the enrolment in particular subjects or full courses.

  • Subjects' annulation or course annulation for exceptional reasons

    Application for the registration’s annulment or some subjects due to unforeseen and exceptionally difficult situations such as serious illness or illness of a familiar in first grade or dependence of them directly in their own charge that prevent the normal development of the course.

  • Complete course annulation

    Complete course annulation

  • Temporary withdrawal from the PhD Programme

    PhD candidates can apply for a temporary withdrawal for a maximum period of an academic year, expandable for another academic year, in which case it will be impossible to formalize the registration. This registration will be razoned and being address to the academic commission of PhD program, that will pronounce about the whether it is appropriate to accede to the request

  • Change of a docent group

    Change of docent group in the center

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