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Most Common Application Forms

Información de acceso y ayudas en la web institucional de la Universidad de Oviedo

  • Change of Dedication Regime in Doctoral Studies (Full-time / Part-time)

    Students can do the registration full time or part time. In the last case, it will need the authorization from the academic comision of the program. In order to condition students part time, it will count on the specific motives in a laboral, familiar or personal situation. The PhD candidate will change its dedication regime with the previous razonable application diriged to the academic comision of the PhD program.

  • Certificados de Créditos por Actividades Deportivas

    Es ampliamente reconocido que la participación en actividades de carácter deportivo recreativo y competitivo favorece el aprendizaje cognitivo y motriz, constituye una acción preventiva para la salud, así como comporta un notable beneficio afectivo-social para el alumnado universitario.

  • Reporting of insured claims

    University Oviedo has subscribed different insurance policies contracted through open or negotiated proceedings in which are covered the following risks: General Liability, Material Damage and Group Accident Insurance. Any damage caused by a subit accidental or unforeseen fact happens within the period of validity of a policy contracted by the University of Oviedo the current is considered a loss and, in order to be compensated by the corresponding policy, it is necessary to report its occurrence as soon as possible.

  • Public calls for tender for the temporary recruitment of staff for research projects

    Submission of applications for public calls for tender for the recruitment of staff for research, scientific and technical research projects, on a temporary basis.

  • Corporative e-mail

    The University of Oviedo offers a service of e-mail to its staff, students and, in general, to any person who currently has a labor or academic relation with the institution.

  • Any other application to other procedures

    To present some application related to the students that haven't been collected in any procedure.

  • Derecho de acceso a la información pública, ley de transparencia

    Derecho de acceso a la información pública en virtud de la Ley 19/2013 de transparencia, acceso a la información pública y buen gobierno.

  • Personal Information

    Website with the identification and personal information of the user, in which they can update some of the fields, add an ID photograph, etc.

  • Universitary association's inscription

    Students interested in the creation of an University Students Association, whose goals are cultural, artistic, sporty, cultural character, should be registered in the Vice-Rectorate of students.

  • Inscription in the early extraordinary call for the studies' finalization in october

    Applying for the early extraordinary call for the studies’ finalization, to be celebrated in october.

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